Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Pondering WSOF's South African Expansion

The WSOF is digging up talent wherever it can. Their most recent affiliation was made just last week, when they announced a strategic partnership with South Africa's Fightstar Fighting Championship. Since acquiring Nicaragua's Omega MMA promotion (I have no clue what ever happened with that deal) in 2013, then Canada's Aggression MMA which was rebranded as WSOF-Canada, and their Chinese expansion last year, the WSOF's latest grab represents their continued push into foreign territory.

This is what I initially expected Bellator to do under Scott Coker. As the president of Strikeforce, Coker forged relationships with other promotions that led to many successfully co-promoted events with the likes of Elite XC and M-1 Global. I'm surprised we haven't seen Coker harness his international relationships from Strikeforce and his kickboxing days to promote the Bellator brand under Viacom.

It actually appears that WSOF's strategy is closer to what One FC did when they formed their One FC Network. But while One FC's focus remains the Asian market, which is still a huge market, no doubt, it appears that WSOF is looking for talent in some of the more untapped pockets of the world.

Zuffa previously scratched the MMA the South African MMA scene, when they eyed the country as part of their expansion efforts back in 2012-2013. Spare maybe Gareth Mclellan and Ruan Potts, whose 3 fight losing streak in the UFC sent him packing back to the EFC, the UFC's African campaign doesn't appear to be an aggressive one.

So, for the most part, South Africa continues to be virtually untouched by Western fight promoters. Maybe the WSOF can make something of their presence in the Rainbow Nation?

South Africa MMA has more here...

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