Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mike Tyson’s One Man Show…’The Undisputed Truth’ Review

Network blogger, 'Champ Creed' offers a rather clever review of Mike Tyson's latest one-man Broadway show, "The Undisputed Truth"...

"If you grew up in New York City before Mayor Giuliani, chances are you quickly found your way into mischief. Certain school programs as well as after-school programs were cut out of the city budget leaving adolescents to their own mischievous devices in a metropolis filled with vice, predators, schemers and dreamers during the 70’s 80’s and early 90’s. The first act of ‘The Undisputed Truth’ Mike Tyson describes the landscape of his youth with his signature lisp and rib-clutching hilarity. The documentary titled ‘TYSON’ by director James Toback gives you an introduction to the life and times of the youngest Boxing Heavyweight Champion of all time from the collaborated lens of the subject (Tyson’s Life) and the film director. However there is a major difference between hearing Mike Tyson tell his life story in documentary format versus Mike Tyson telling his story on a Broadway stage… EDITING !"

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