Saturday, July 14, 2012

Kyoji Horiguchi vs. Manabu Inoue Trailer for Shooto 8th Round

Smash's recent purchase of Pancrase seems to have opened the door to a knew era in Japanese MMA. This is definitely not an era like those of old (ie. Pride). The JMMA scene is still very much in shambles, but its distress appears to be forcing the remaining powers to cooperate more.

When Smash bought Pancrase, I immediately expected to see Shooto fighters trying to jump ship as we've already seen with fighters like Akihiro Murayama. However, an upcoming battle between Kyoji Horiguchi (Pancrase) and Manabu Inoue (Shooto) at Shooto "8th Round" puts an interesting twist on the situation. Maybe the two organizations will begin to work closer together?

On July 16 the long-reigning King of Pancrase at 132 lbs., Manabu Inoue will enter the Shooto ring against fast-rising prospect Kyoji Horiguchi. Old vs. new. Expect fireworks!!!

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