Monday, June 18, 2012

Wife of Soccer Legend Ruud Gullit cheats with Badr Hari

Badr Hari brings new meaning to 'side chick'. It's possible we could see the wife of Dutch football player and manager Ruud Guillit ringside, cheering for the famed kickboxer...

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Ruud Gullit's wife leaves him for Badr Hari
Sunday, 17 June 2012 17:30, Craig Devlin

The wife of Dutch football legend Ruud Gullit has left him for, rather strangely, 2009 K-1 GP Champion and notorious bad boy Badr Hari. Gullit's wife, Estelle Cruyff is the niece of another Dutch footballing legend Johan Cruyff and has apparently grown tired of her husbands constant affairs and told him she is leaving him for Hari.

Gullit had a glittering playing career where he played for AC Milan, Sampdoria and Chelsea before becoming a manager for Newcastle United and Chelsea. He was reported to be very upset when told the news but his wife had this to say "There is one thing Ruud needs to know. Badr has not stolen me from Ruud...Ruud gave me away".

Whilst many in the mainstream will not have heard much about Badr Hari he is someone that is never far from the headlines himself. Disqualified for stamping on and punching his already downed opponent, Reme Bonjasky. He was stripped of his heavyweight title along with various other penalties for his transgression. Then in 2010 he kicked one of his opponents in the face as he was getting back to his feet, once again leading to a disqualification.

Hari is scheduled to return to the ring in October under the revived K-1 banner.

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