Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Is Super Fight League already Asia's biggest MMA promotion?

The quest to claim the unofficial title as "Asia's Biggest MMA Promotion" is a competitive one. One FC has established a solid network of gyms/camps, and promotions across the Australasian Pacific. Meanwhile, RUFF claims mainland China, and Legend FC has a firm grip in Macau. But, what about India's Super Fight League?

This organization came out of nowhere just a few months ago, and has amassed thousands of views. It quickly became an organizational contender on the Asian front, and has very,very deep pockets.

As we all know, numbers don't lie (unless you're judging a boxing match between Tim Bradley and Manny Pacquiao). And if viewer numbers mean anything for an organization's success, SFL is on track to be a, or possibly 'THE', major player in Asian MMA.

The numbers according to MMA News Asia...
But the news going around on-line today is very impressive and could lead to claims that they are the biggest MMA organisation in Asia already.

...Here’s the numbers that could lead to those claims and they are hard to resist

You Tube Views:

ONE FC 463,365 (3 events)

SFL 1,020,172 (3 events and btw their YouTube channel is beautifully done)

The SFL are also claiming that their website gets more hits.

Plus of course the crowd at New Delhi was an estimated 13,000


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