Sunday, June 10, 2012

Is the One FC 2012 Asia MMA Summit all hype???

DISCLAIMER: I like One FC. But are they living up to the hype?

Have you ever been on one of those free trip marketing schemes where salespeople fly you out on a "dream" vacation and then heckle you the entire time? Well, I haven't, but I've heard some horror stories...

Look, on the surface I really like what One FC is doing in Asia. They are building a collaborative effort to market and promote mixed martial arts in Asia on a massive scale. But, it just seems to be more hype than action.

I apologize to all of the One FC believers out there. I'm trying my best to keep the faith in the One FC Network that they will fully revive the legacy that JMMA left behind. But, all the talk about business models and summits hasn't equated to the blitz of impressive events that I hoped for.

Don't get me wrong, One FC has made a fair showing on a global scale. And while I do realize that their stated focus in Asia, it is clear that their Westernized business model has obvious Western intentions as well.

I guess I'm just a byproduct of Zuffa -- I'm spoiled. I'm just used to high quality events, 24-7 updates, and a full spectrum of media coverage. And through all of the high expectations that One FC has generated, I can only hope that this is a 'slow growth' thing that will eventually meet the hype...

Okay, I've vented enough. If you can manage to get past my MMA-induced anxiety issues, then you might have time and patience enough to get through two minutes of highlights from One FC's recent Asian summit.

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