Friday, June 29, 2012

Fighting in the UFC is not Bibiano Fernandes' dream...

In a recent interview with Tatame, Bibiano Fernandes, one of One FC's latest signees, shares his feelings about not fighting in the UFC:

"Apart from family, it’d be a great opportunity for Bibiano, but when you put the family in the picture it’s not worth it. I don’t fight for me. I have people who rely on me. I’ve built what I had to build in MMA. It can be many people’s dream to fight in the UFC, but it ain’t mine. It’s all business to me. I’ve dreamed about being a champion, I earned three belts: one in Canada and two in Japan. If you have a dream, keep dreaming. If you want to fight, keep on trying. But this I’ll tell you: worship yourself otherwise nobody else will. And it’s not only on the fighting business, but in everything in life. People use you, use you, use you and them through you away like garbage."

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