Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hector Lombard to the UFC? Not so Fast!!!

Word that Hector Lombard's Bellator contract is up has run rampant through the MMA community this weekend. And, the obvious predicted outcome points directly to Hector Lombard's name on the UFC's middleweight roster.

Yet, I would argue that it is too soon for Lombard to make the switch from 'Rebney-land' to 'Dana's World'.

Yes, Hector Lombard is an accomplished Judoka who has transitioned to a successful mixed martial arts career. The Cuban fighter has dropped only two losses out of a whopping 35 professional bouts and currently rides a 24-fight win streak. With that and the fact that he's a behemoth 185lber with powerful hands to match his judo qualities, on paper Lombard looks like a god fit the for the UFC.

So far, no one has risen from Bellator's tournament rosters to oust the champion, Lombard. However, there is one waiting in the blocks, who I believe has the skill and ability to give Hector a run for his money, and that is Maiquel Falcao.

Maiquel Falcao is perhaps most known for his brief stay with the UFC. He defeated Gerald Harris in 2010 in a controversial bout at UFC 123. As for the rest of Falcoa's 28-4-1 record, Falcao spent the greater majority of his pro career freelancing the Brazilian pro circuit.

Go ahead, and shake your head, but the fact of the matter is, although Lombard has the potential to be competitive among the UFC's lower card fighters, he is no match for the UFC's top middleweights -- Silva, Sonnen, really??? But, paired against Falcao (given he makes it through the Season 6 tournament) Lombard could find himself evenly matched. If anything, we could see Hector Lombard face his toughest competition in a long time.

Meanwhile, Bellator has also signed some promising middleweight prospects in Bruno Santos (12-0), Vyacheslav Vasilevsky (15-1), and Vitor Vianna (12-2).

Either way it goes, Season 6's 185 lb. brackets look to be the meanest yet. If the re-up money is good for Lombard, we could be in for a real show this year!


  1. Are you kidding? Lombard is also a high level black in BJJ so people need to get their facts straight. Lombard is a beast and a challenge for Silva in my opinion. Sonnen has no shot at beating Lombard and to say that Lombard would do well against the lower level of the middleweight roster in UFC is an understatement. I do not agree at all with whoever wrote this nonsense. He is by far the number 2 middleweight in the world. Sonnen was horrible against Bisping and many thought Bisping won. This is just nonsense.

    1. When he fights someone in the top 10, then we can make that assessment. Until then, Hector Lombard's placement among "elite" middleweights remains questionable. As for his black belt in BJJ, there are plenty of guys walking the streets with BJJ black belts. There are scores of pro fighters with black belts. Today, that doesn't equate to one being an elite fighter. You have to prove yourself among the elite. If Lombard has to join the ranks of the UFC in order to do this, so be it. Otherwise, he has plenty of competition remaining in Bellator.

    2. Sure, there are a lot of BJJ black belt in the streets, but Black belt BJJ, black belt 4th dan in judo with olympic background, huge KO power, great TDD and a lot of experience fighting? Name a fighter with all that resources if u know another, really did u mentioned Sonnen as a supperior fighter? The guy with 8 losses by submissions?