Tuesday, February 14, 2012

With His Dream Contract Up, Will Bibiano Fernandes Consider the UFC?

In mixed martial arts, reaching the top means fighting in the world's top brand, the UFC. With no Octagon appearances, Bibiano Fernandes has managed to float near the top of the bantamweight rankings for some time now. His contract with Dream has expired, and we could consider him to be a freelance fighter. However, it sounds like Fernandes is showing some extent of loyalty to the Japanese promotion that has brought him to prominence. Still, if putting food on the table, is a real priority for Bibiano, the prospect of a UFC contract could lure him in.

Here's what he recently told Tatame.com:

Via Tatame.com

This was the last fight of the contract. The most interesting thing was that the contract finished when I got the belt. And they already want me again. Dream’s a good event. I like fighting there. So sum up, because I know you’ll ask me about the UFC (laughs)... UFC is also good, but I got a career. I don’t know how long I will fight. I got family, bills to pay. I’m a pro, there are people who rely on me to put food on the table. I got my wife, who’s carrying another baby. Now I can fight as if it was my dream. I must be responsible. It’s business. I’m happy Dream pays me and I get more things from there. They’ve tried to take me there, but I said that’s not my dream, I told them I’m responsible for my family.

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