Monday, January 16, 2012

Wladimir Klitschko Would Train MMA but Has No Desire to Compete

“I don’t want to fight, but I want to try..."

Wladimir Klitschko, the younger half of the heavyweight championship pair, 'The Klitschko Brothers', would not mind taking up mixed martial arts for training purposes, but expresses no desire to compete in MMA. I'm going to note here that Wladimir's older brother, Vitali, owns a fairly extensive kickboxing career, and Wladi himself holds some experience with wrestling and Judo. Anyway, in a recent interview on the Jim Rome Show, Wladi shared his thoughts and feelings toward MMA:

“I wasn’t such in Russia when I watched it live the first time, and to be honest I didn’t really like it before. But when I was watching it, I got into the style of MMA and I think I have a lot of respect for MMA fighters. It’s a very tough sport. I don’t think I’m ready to practice it and fight in the cage, I think I’m too old for it, but I have a lot of respect...

“Because you have to have a lot of abilities. You have to be so multi-functional, you have to be a wrestler, you have to be a good kickboxer, you have to be a good boxer, you have to be with good condition. We can go forever what they have to be to keep winning for a long time and be a champion, consistent champions, it’s very difficult...

“I don’t want to fight, but I want to try, I want to try the fitness. Just get in an MMA gym and just practice certain things. I used to wrestle, and I did judo when I was younger. As training, as fitness, perfect. Fighting, no.”

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