Saturday, January 28, 2012

Speculation Station: Following MFC Dismissal, Is Antonio McKee Bellator Bound???

Antonio McKee was one of the MFC's top card fighters, until last night that is. On Thursday, McKee weighed in for his bout against Brian Cobb, a whopping 7 lbs. over! In response, MFC owner Mark Pavelich, stripped him of his title, making the fight a non-title affair, and sent McKee his walking papers, effective following the fight.

But there has to be more to the story, right?

Why, or how, does a guy that has never missed weight - a man, who at 41 years old appears to be in exceptional physical condition for his age, suddenly miss weight? And before a title fight, at that?

Well, if we go back about a year ago, back to when McKee left the MFC for his lone UFC appearance, we might recall the beef that stirred between McKee and Pavelich. Then, even after McKee returned to the MFC, the Tony-Pav beef only worsened when McKee "vacated" the lightweight title due to knee surgery.

So, it's clear that there was a tense relationship between 'Mandingo' and Mr. Pavelich over the past year, a relationship that McKee probably wanted out of. And, how else to get out of a contract, but by pissing off the promoter enough to want to drop you? Exactly! That's it! Come in over weight for a co-main event title bout. Then, the promoter will go crazy enough to release you from your contract, and you can compete exclusively, for another, possibly top tier, organization such as Bellator. Now, it should also be noted that McKee and other MFC fighters often compete outside of the MFC, but only after being granted permission by the MFC. But, in this case, Antonio wanted out, completely...

Moving on, some hints recently came by way of Facebook. One of McKee's recent postings tells all:

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