Thursday, December 15, 2011

USA vs. Russia Event this Weekend features Alexander Shlemenko, Shonie Carter, Ricco Rodriguez, and others...

Don't believe what the history books tell us -- the Cold War really never ended. In fact, if the current trend in mixed martial arts is any indication, the Cold War appears to be getting hot!

Last month we saw a real Rocky IV match when Jeff Monson flew out to Russia where he beat up some Russian police officers before loosing to the "Last Emporer" himself, Fedor Emelianenko. reports that American fighters former NFL player Herbert "Whisper" Goodman, the always flashy Shonie Carter, and former UFC Heavyweight champ Ricco Rodriguez will travel to Russia this weekend for the Far Eastern Federation of Modern Pankration's "Battle of Empires" event.

If the above report is accurate, then that's definitely one helluva card. However, presents a different card for this event. It shows Schlemenko taking on Julio Paulino. Their card also includes Bodyshop Fitness representative Jesse Juarez. Yeah, I'm confused too!

However, Russia 2 is also reporting that Schlemenko is set to meet Goodman, so I'm sticking with MMARocks report. I have posted the event card according to MMARocks below, but first, here's some footage of Alexander Schlemenko training for the show...

Full card after the break

Federation of Modern Pankration
Battle of Empires
December 17, 2011
Platinum Arena,
Khabarovsk, Russia

Main Card:
Alexander Shlemenko vs. Herbert Goodman
Bashir Yamilkhanov (3-1) vs. Ricco Rodriguez
Andrey Koreshkov (7-0) vs. Shoni Carter
Rustam Bogatirev (11-3) vs. Steve Carl
Gadji Zaipulaev (16-5) vs. Zach Light

Preliminary Card:
Alexey Polpudnikov vs. Konstantin Kireev
Genadiy Kovalev vs. Rustam Yamashev
Evgeniy Zlivko vs. Bagama Nikobagamaev
Stepanyan vs. Dmitriy Ushkanov (0-0)

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  1. Are they serious? Russia vs (Old-ass) Americans? Shonie? Ricco? Sure, he wants to keep fighting, but he'll never fight for the UFC belt again. And who is fighting for Russia? Alexander Shlemenko. A young bad ass who is about to fight Hector Lombard for his belt (Bellator). And who is he going to beat? Some nobody. I've never heard of him. I've heard of Shlemenko, though. I've seen him fight, many times. This guy is young and doesn't know the word: lose. What a joke of a card.