Tuesday, December 27, 2011

UPDATED: Road FC and Rings Fighting Network Form Partnership???

Yuki Yamamoto (left) and Shigeki Osawa (right).
Pic Props: GBRing.com
UPDATE: N.O.B. published an article on this very topic. My translations of the original GBRing article where pretty close to the facts - RINGS and Road FC are partnering, swapping fighters, starting with the "Battle Genesis" event on January 22.

The event continues a series which actually began with the first ZST-RINGS "Battle Genesis" event that was staged in 2001. The January "Battle Genesis" series will be followed by another event in March.

According to Nightmare of Battle:

ZST and RINGS will bring back (volume 8 took place in 2001) the Battle Genesis series on January 22nd with volume 9 and it’s a really nice card (note that the Battle Genesis series will be the smaller cards of RINGS)....

RINGS recently announced cooperation with Road FC is already coming into play Monster Wrestler Shigeki Osawa will try to get back on the winning track against Road FC’s Young Sam Jung who you might remember facing Michihiro Omigawa in DREAM. He recently got his first MMA win at Road FC 005. [More...]

Okay, let me first let it be known that I am not fluent in Japanese or Korean, but I take pride in my ability to decipher these two languages with the help of Google Translate. No, really, Google Translate only goes but so far when attempting to translate some Eastern languages to English. I guess it has something to do with the whole reading/writing from right to left thing...

Anyway, I learned to day (with a little help from Google, of course) that Road FC and Rings are partnering up. What I gather is that these two Asian organizations are forming some degree of a business relationship and it looks like two of the bouts off of ZST's (a Rings organization) January 22 card, "Battle Genesis Volume 9", pits Japanese fighters against South Korean (Road FC?) fighters.

What I can say for sure is that the two bouts listed below are the fights that are apparently products of the new Rings-Road partnership:
  • Yuki Yamamoto (Japan) vs Jung Min Kang (Korea)
  • Shigeki Osawa (Japan) vs Young Sam Jung(Korea)
Now, I could be off on this one. So, please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but don't troll me if I am. I'd like clarification on this as much as you do. I'm sure more will come of this soon.

The other thing is One FC. Road FC is a part of the One FC Network. So, I'm curious to know whether Road's relationship with Rings can/will pull Rings into the new, massive One FC Network. That would be very interesting.

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