Saturday, December 24, 2011

This Russian 'Street MMA' Reality Series Makes The Ultimate Fighter Look like Sesame Street!

Kimbo and Dada 5000 ain't got nothin' on this...

Strelka, which literally translates to "Arrow" in English, is a Russian fight-based reality series. It follows a tournament-style format, similar to the UFC's The Ultimate Fighter, but with a backyard feel.

Strelka styles itself as "street MMA". From what I've seen on YouTube, some fights have taken place outdoors in a makeshift boxing ring on dirt. It's kind of like the Russian version of the Toughman contest. The show is gritty. The fights are hardcore. You won't see guys planting surprises in each other's underwear, emptying their bowels in inappropriate places, or other practical jokes, but the quality fighting speaks for itself. This isn't mixed martial arts, it's street fighting, in a ring, with a few rules thrown in.

Oh yeah, and the rules. These are simple. There are four weight divisions 65kg. (basically featherweight), 90kg. (close to light heavyweight), 90kg+ (like heavyweight), and an open weight category. The rules are very similar to MMA rules but with no rounds. The fight can only end by stoppage - either by referee, doctor, KO, or submission. Ground fighting will only last one minute.

The series is now in it's second season, which comes to an end today when the season finale is staged. The show will stream live and free from its official website,, at 9pm Moscow time, that's 12n ET.

Here's the trailer for the finale, and you can find a few other good videos of Strelka after the break.


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