Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Why One FC's Partnership with Cage Fighting Championship (Australia) is a BIG Deal!

One FC is trending hard these days. They came on the scene earlier this year with one clear objective: to boost Asian MMA.

Well, after successfully launching their inaugural event in September, One FC has pursued another huge undertaking with the One FC Network. This association of gyms, promotions, and other MMA organizations spanning the Asian continent has quickly caught the attention of Western media.

This week One FC held an "Asian MMA Summit" is Singapore. Among those in attendance were representatives from Japan's Dream promotion. News has already been leaked that Dream has officially entered a partnership with One FC, and we could see the product of this alliance as early as Dream's upcoming NYE show.

Yet, even more interesting is Dream's other new partnership with Australia's Cage Fighting Championships. This alliance brings One FC closer to the west. It expands One FC's reach beyond Asia. Moreover, Australia is an English-speaking continent. And even more importantly, the UFC has an established fan base there.

So overnight, the One FC Network has grown beyond it's original continental boundaries, slowly creeping into Zuffa territory. Is it a coincidence, or does One FC have world dominance in mind? When fans and media were touting One FC as the "next Pride", were they envisioning the massive network that could potentially reach 1 billion homes?

I smell a World War III in the making. Can Victor Cui lead Asian MMA to the promised land? More to come...

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