Saturday, October 22, 2011

Shooto, Shootboxing, and Rise Hold Joint Press Conference: Toby Imada vs. Andy Souwer Rematch on Deck! [Video]

The two day, co-promoted event series, "Shoot the Shooto", was publicized at a press conference in Tokyo on October 20th. The press conference announced two mixed martial arts bouts to be added to the November 5 MMA rules day of competition.

In big news, an Andy Souwer-Toby Imada rematch is on schedule for the November 6 Shootboxing rules card. Imada, a 2-time Bellator Lightweight Tournament finalist, surprised fans when he defeated SB staple fighter Andy Souwer in his first SB tournament last year. Souwer has impatiently awaited his chance for redemption and will now get it on November 6th!!!

It was also announced that former Shooto welterweight title contender Rumina Sato will take to the ring to face Andy Souwer student Nico Verresen. Also, the previous Shooto top flyweight contender Junji Ito has been paired against Kazuyuki Fushimi, a 2010 Shootboxing Young Caeser's Super Bantamweight (55kg) Tournament finalist.

Additionally, a three-way cross-promotional effort between Shooto, Shootboxing and Rise has been scheduled. The event will be titled "SRS.2011-For Japan" and is scheduled for November. It will feature a highly touted female bout between Rena and Erika Kamimura to determine the first "Queen of Rise" and will be conducted as a charity function.

Footage from the press conference is posted via YouTube/ShootboxingJapan:

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