Saturday, October 1, 2011

Scrap Alert: Basketball Wives Take Drama to the Cage!

"Just don't hurt my boobs... Seriously, they'll break"
     -Basketball Wives: LA's Draya Michele before getting beat down.

What do you get when you put a bunch of spoiled, sex-crazed, ghetto-fabulous women in a reality series? You get another stupid reality show that wastes a t.v. time slot that could have been filled by something much more logical -- like maybe a series about some twenty-something know-nothings who live in a beach house at the Jersey Shore? Or, maybe a reality show about some pregnant girls who think about themselves more than their own babies? So much for educational children's programs...

Anyway, what do you get when you put two spoiled, sex-crazed ghetto-fabulized chicks in the cage? You get approximately 15 seconds of weave-pulling and an entire episode of drama... The fight was broken up right before Laura (sister of Gloria Govan, who is fiance of LA Lakers player Matt Barnes) could secure full mount.

This is just a sneak peak of episode 16 of Basketball Wives: LA. A full episode summary can be found after the break.

Episode summary via
Laura's issues with Draya turn the group's recreational MMA outing into a major showdown... but the heat really turns up when Jackie and Laura start digging up Draya's past online.

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  1. Laura from Basketball Wives LA is a big bully! I love Draya and I am glad I subscribe to DISH Network because I get the most HD channels. As a DISH employee I can tell you that you can get HD Free for Life as a qualified customer with the TOP package.