Friday, October 14, 2011

Premiere of Anderson Silva's "Like Water" Documentary Launched Last Night in Brazil

Like Water, a documentary about UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva, premiered last night in Rio de Janeiro. The film followed the UFC's longest title-holding fighter as he prepared for his UFC 117 bout against Chael Sonnen, and aimed the lens at the champion's family life. The film won the Tribecca Film Festival's award for "Best New Documentary Director" last spring.

As of late, Silva has become a pop culture figure, taking on sponsorships with Burger King and Nike, and making a recent concert appearance with Justin Bieber.

New Billionaire Magazine quoted Silva last night, expressing his desire to pursue an acting career and possibly doing cartoon voice overs:
"There’s still much for me to do in fighting but my dream is to one day be an actor. This is all very knew to me, I’ll have to prepare. But I think it’s all about training to do it. I’ll try, I’ll train for it."
Portal TV was on location to grab footage from last night's red carpet premiere:

Manager Ed Soares after the break...

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