Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cage Wars-UK is Headed to the Dominican Republic and Here's the Official Trailer

I'm glad to see Cage Wars-UK making moves beyond the UK. A visit to the Dominican Republic will definitely bring a much needed break to the monotony, as I was kind of getting tired of watching Uncle Dave's (promoter) old card tricks. Dave reminds me of my own uncle, Uncle Ron. He has a lazy eye and is always telling the same old war stories. But it's not the war stories that bother me. My Uncle Ron has severe farting problem. I mean seriously, the guy can fart on command. He makes good use of his bad habit by asking anyone he meets to pull his finger. Man, Uncle Ron has cost me too many lady friends. Thanks Uncle Ron!

Anyway, I got carried away with Uncle Ron's gas problems. Here's that video...

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