Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bas Rutten Fights Chaos Creature, "Zombie" Rotten

Former Heavyweight King of Pancrase and UFC Heavyweight champion Bas Rutten can kick, punch, and knee his way out of most sticky situations. But a recent encounter with a zombie puppet really put "El Guapo" through the ringer!

Rutten recently toed the line against fierce Chaos Creature, "Zombie Rotten", for the Apocalypse Zombie Fighting Championship (AZC) title.

If only he had some liquid nitrogen, a flame thrower, or a good ole double-barrel shotgun! Or, he could've simply stuck to the golden rule of Zombie survival -- when in doubt, remove the head!!!

For further reading, Max Brooks' The Zombie Survival Guide offers the perfect set of instructions to help prepare for a Zombie apocalypse.

As for Bas, did you really think he was going to loose to a puppet???

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