Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tyrone Spong is in this Crazy Hip Hop Video with B.A.N.G.!!!

Popular kickboxer Tyrone Spong in a rap video loaded with pitbulls, skateboards, and bald-headed tough guys doing pull-ups spells "gangster."

As vast as my knowledge on hip hop might be, I am really new to the artist BangBang, and after watching this video I might just direct more attention to the Euro-hip hop scene. I like the idea of sparring and pitbulls in any hardcore music video.

As for Tyrone Spong, all he does is chill and look tough in the video, but hey, isn't that what most people in hip hop videos do?

I especially like the beat drop toward the end of the video. It's reminiscent of some of Jay-Z's older material with producer Just Blaze.

This is the video for "Keep it Moving", the first single from B.A.N.G.'s long awaited album "Ice Cream for the Eskimo".

Bang is also a mixed martial artist who held a charity fight event called "Fight for Water" back in January. The event raised money to support the clean water effort in Bangladesh.

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