Sunday, September 4, 2011

Thailand's Dare Fight Sports Puts $1 Million on the Table for "Dare Championship - 2/11"

Remember the movie Indecent Proposal, about a young married couple that is offered $1 million to allow the wife to sleep with this stupid rich guy? Yeah, that was back in the day when Demi Moore was still sexy. Realistically, most guys wouldn't sacrifice the sanctity of their marriage for $1 million (would you?). Okay, forget I even asked that question...

Anyway, there won't be any love scenes on a bed of cash at Dare's September 24 event, but there will be plenty of fists flying and body throwing for the sum of a cool mil. Eight competitors will split amount. Let's see, one million split eight ways (counting fingers)? That's still $125,000 -- enough to by a used dubbed out Bentley GT and still have ones to pitch at the club!

Letter from Dare after the jump...

DARE FIGHT SPORTS, Letter from the President
Bangkok, 3.9.2011


Ladies and Gentlemen, the deal is done.

DARE proudly unveils the next level of the promotion:

The Champions of the first DARE tournament in its 8 weightclasses will share a Million Dollars as a cash bonus.

The Championship has already begun and the winners from DARE 1/11 are already on their way towards the grand bonus.

Joining them will be 14 new fighters, starting their journey towards the Championship, now on the 24th of September at the DARE 2/11 event.

All the weightclasses are now open and DARE is looking to expand its events and amount of fighters with more local, regional and international talents.

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