Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Shoot the Shooto 2 Coming Together for November

Back in 1998 the Japanese Shooto and Shoot Boxing promotions came together to present "Shoot the Shooto", an event that featured 600lber Emmanuel Yarborough, and Rumina Sato and Akihiro Gono -- whose names are forever engraved in the annals of combat history.

Thirteen years later, Shooto and Shoot Boxing prepare to dance again as "Shoot the Shooto 2" is being planned as a two day event for November 5th and 6th. The Tokyo Dome City Hall will host the event.

The official card has yet to be announced, but from the Shoot Boxing side, Andy Souwer, Hiroki Shishido and Tobi Imada are being plugged in. Until the bout sheet is released, I think it's safe to expect a banger in the meantime!

Catch some old "Shoot the Shooto" footage from back in '98 after the break!

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