Monday, September 19, 2011

Road FC Posts Middleweight Tournament, One FC Nowhere to be Found

The last time we heard from either of these two organizations, Road and One FC had entered a partnership. The two organizations have established a fighter exchange.

Road FC is now gearing up for a middleweight tournament on October 3. They hinted at the idea of a middleweight tournament at the conclusion of Road FC 3, right after Seung Bae Whi knee'd Denis Kang to the floor. Now the event is coming to fruition. posted an article about the event today, and a YouTube video was posted on Friday. Denis Kang does not appear on the ticket (I believe he's jockeying for a Bellator deal). The tournament fields eight middleweight fighters (four bouts).

That's as much as I know at this time. I'm still trying to decipher stuff from Korean websites, so I think it's safe to say there's more to run down on Road FC.

As for One FC, there's not much to go on. They posted a 'want ad' for 150 employees last week. That's actually a lot of personnel in this business. I'm thinking they are looking to establish a network of internationally based employees (promoters, media and marketing reps, etc.).

A want ad simply isn't enough to keep the buzz going. One FC generated a ridiculous buzz leading up to One FC - Champion vs. Champion, but in the wake of their monstrous debut event we're hearing crickets. Was One FC a one night stand for MMA fans? If so, I was initially satisfied but now badly in need of another booty call.

One FC needs to go the UFC route - make news! Make crap that would otherwise be considered irrelevant into front page news. Give your fighters incentives to tweet like mad men. Post crap on You Tube and Facebook. It's not hard to do, but if you don't do it, fans of the digital age will surely forget about you!

As it stands, Dream is the flag bearer of Asian MMA. And with Dream 17 on deck, that card could should be very difficult for other Asian promotions to best.

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