Saturday, September 10, 2011

Jessica Pene Defeats Rena Kubota at Shoot Boxing 2011, Part 4: "Upset" or Expected Victory?

Shoot Boxing pulling Jessica Pene for Shoot Boxing 2001, Part 4 was a big deal. The "Standing Vale Tudo" organization was excited to pull some Western competition for young kickboxing/Shoot Boxing standout Rena Kubota.

A game Kubota challenged Pene, but a second round throw by Pene gave way to two extension rounds. After the deciding rounds, Pene was awarded the unanimous decision victory.

Several sites have described Pene's debut win as an "upset," and rightfully so as it was her first time in Shoot Boxing territory. Yet still, Jessica Pene's proven mixed martial arts skill set is the perfect match for stand-and-throw, and I believe people should be tactful in their approach toward her career as a shootboxer. Respecting her game as a fighter in either arena, means recognizing her ability to transition back and forth between both (and we should expect her to return to Shoot Boxing following this significant victory). The 8-1 mixed martial artist, Jessica Pene, can punch, kick, throw, and sweep. She is a Black House/Reign MMA trained fighter who is aggressive and technically sound from all positions.

Yes, Jessica Pene's win over Rena Kubota is an "upset" in the Shoot Boxing sense, but it was very much imaginable from an overall fighting perspective.


In other Shoot Boxing news, two other mixed martial artists ventured into the ring. Muay Thai kickboxer Bovy Sor Udomson decisioned Bellator veteran Toby Imada. The win snapped Udomson's 5-fight loosing streak and brings Imada's SB record to 3-2. Meanwhile, Sengoku veteran Shigeki Osawa won in his SB debut, defeating J-Net Super Flyweight titlist and former RISE super lightweight title contender Yusuke Sugawara in a close one.

I could not post this entry without offering massive props to Daniel Herbertson for providing the usual awesome Twitter coverage on this event. His consistent updates are well appreciated by geographically handicapped JMMA fans like myself.

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