Sunday, August 7, 2011

Worked Fight Alert: Alex "The Cross Dresser" Reid vs. Jason "The Stalker" Barrett [Video & Results]

Alright, FightJerk has tracked the highly publicized match (1 | 2 | 3) between leisurely cross dresser and moderate star Alex Reid and his pre-fight stalker Jason Barrett. Public call-outs and street fights highlighted a pro wrestling style build-up that generated a crazy media buzz in the UK. But not only was the build-up straight outta WWE Raw, the latest word out of London is that the fight itself appeared to be worked.

Here's video from their UCMMA bout. You be the judge...

Run down and results after the break...

Somehow BAMMA got mixed up in this whole 'worked fight' controversy and has publicly made it a point to disassociate themselves from the UCMMA. [MiddleEasy has it covered.]

It's too bad such a hot card had to go down like this. As far as I know, the rest of the card was legit. You had standout kickboxer Luke Sines walk away with a TKO win over Dean Amasinger in their UK-1 Supertitle Fight, and female Muay Thai champion Karen Ousey post a dub in her MMA debut.

I'm sure we can expect to hear some form of justification from Dave O’Donnell and Cage Rage UK. Until then, track his Twitter where the tweetbeef is already cooking. offers a full run down on UCMMA 22:
UCMMA 22 Event Report 
by Jim Page

The UCMMA promotion made a huge step on Saturday night as they put on the first domestic pay-per-view in UK MMA history. Due to a combination of Alex Reid’s mainstream celebrity status and some over-the-top smack talking from Jason Barrett, all eyes were on the main event at London’s Troxy theatre.

As a natural middleweight, Reid held a considerable size advantage over the ‘Bad Ass’ and the fight was notably one-sided. It seemed the MMA equivalent of holding a younger brother at bay with one hand - Reid was just too powerful to allow Barrett’s techniques to have any effect.
Barrett threw punch after punch, but they all bounced harmlessly off the Reidernator’s guard. When they caught hold of each other in the clinch, Reid propelled his foe to the deck with startling ease and comfortably bossed the ground fight.

After a few moments in mount position, Reid went to his old go-to submission, the triangle, a hold that he has previously referred to as ‘The Sneaky’. He certainly caught Jason unawares as he synched up the choke and whacked the Londoner with a few playful hammerfists to coax the tap midway through the first round.

Accepting the fight at late notice, Dean Amasinger stepped in at the deep end to take on stand-up hot-shot Luke Sines under K-1 rules with boxing gloves. Amasinger was game and attacked with hard punches; Sines, however, was able to slip and parry most of the blows as he looked for options to counter-attack with precise kicks.

Late in the first round, Sines once again found a home for his body kick, it landed hard with a terrible crack which resonated around the entire theatre. Understandably, Amasinger dropped and was not able to continue as Sines notched up another brutal stoppage win... [Read More]

Cage Rage UK / Ultimate Challenge MMA
UCMMA - Warrior Creed
August 6, 2011
The Troxy,
London, England

Charlie Francis def. Sam Morrision via TKO (punches) R2
Louis King def. Romy Da Silva via TKO R1
Przemyslaw Misiek def. Chris Harman via Submission (Kimura) R1
Jack Mason def. Miguel Bernard via TKO (punches) R1
Darren Towler def. Tomasz Cerwinski via TKO R1
Maxin Osiptov def. Valentino Petrescu via Unanimous Decision R3
Karen Ousey def. Anna Zuchelli via Majority Decision R3
Spencer Hewitt def. Andy McEwan via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) R2
Iain Martell def. Karl Lawrence via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) R1
Luke Sines def. Dean Amasinger via TKO (Liver Kick) R1
Alex Reid def. Jason Barrett via Submission (Triangle Choke) R1

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