Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Updates from the Association of Boxing Commissions' (ABC) 2011 Annual Conference

The Association of Boxing Commissions, the umbrella for boxing commissions in the U.S. and Canada, is holding their annual convention this week. The convention opened on Saturday, July 30, and will conclude tomorrow. Commissioners, judges, referees and other officials have convened in the nation's capital to cover a full agenda of issues pertaining to boxing and mixed martial arts.

Today a general session is being held to discuss pertinent mixed martial arts topics. The agenda, already underway, is as follows (with some of the more interesting topics in bold):

Morning Session
  • MMA Training Committee Report, Nick Lembo
  • Muay Thai Unified Rules Committee, Nick Lembo
  • Committee Report – Unified Amateur MMA Rules, Foster
  • Committee Report – MMA Scoring Committee, Mullen
  • Mandatory Requirement of MMA ID card, Miller
  • MEDLIC Medical Database, Jan Hubbard & Rebecca Johnson
  • ABC Medical Committee Report, Chairperson, Dr. Sheryl Wulkan, NJ
  • Discussion Policy on licensing of contestant’s with missing limb(s)
  • Discussion Medical Requirement for Contestants over age 36
  • Therapeutic Exemptions
Afternoon Session
  • Brent Stuchlik, True Sports Alliances & Entertainment, Ltd, (Cage Specifications)
  • Body Weight Study, (Reid)
  • Discussion of MMA Contestants who Compete in Non-Sanctioned Events, (Miller)
*   *   *

So as you see, Chael Sonnen and Nate Marquardt are on the slide show reel at this year's convention, Muay Thai sanctioning will be more refined, and the MMA scoring system might (hopefully) see some serious changes. On that note, I've already caught wind that the half point scoring system is a big issue on the table at this year's convention, but I expect implementation to take a few years, if it is considered.

Also, the implementation of rules and guidelines for Muay Thai is a pretty big deal. You can view the report at this link.

More updates as they come.


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