Friday, August 19, 2011

The UFC Signing with Fox is not Good News!

As if my opinion matters...

The UFC just inked a seven year deal with Fox Broadcasting Company. It's no secret that the UFC has been searching for a new television home for a while now. The UFC has been in Goldilocks mode, looking for the right fit in the networks market. Ion was too small. G4 is owned by Comcast -- too big. But Fox, yeah, Fox -- the conservative, 40 and up network that had no interest in the UFC a few years ago is suddenly feelin' MMA?

Come on MMA fans! This whole thing is a blow! The UFC is getting too big for it's own britches. They soured a relationship with Spike, a television station that had a leading stake in the 18-40 male market. Then, moved on to the assisted living home in Fox-land. Sorry folks, this is not good news.

But on the upside, this could very well mean that Bellator will be promoted to Spike. And with Bellator's ever-improving roster, the idea of  watching Zuffa's closest competition in high definition format could give Bellator the boost that it needs.

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