Friday, August 12, 2011

Shaq Can't Beat Tito, Moves on to Ron Artest and Others

Shaquille O'Neal is a big mixed martial arts fan, such that he has included MMA on his retirement agenda. Since announcing his retirement in June, Shaq has only increased his presence in mixed martial arts circles, and appears to be feeling out his unofficial the role as "ambassador to the UFC".

It's still not clear whether Shaq Diesel will play a personality role or actually take his 7 ft. frame to the Octagon (not gonna happen), but the showmanship is enough to draw fan appeal. And with an NBA lockout looming, it's only right that the UFC and MMA in general capitalize.

*   *   *

Shaq ranked his top five opponents on Inside MMA: 1. Charles Oakley, 2. Charles Barkley, 3. Karl Malone, 4. Xavier McDaniel, 5. Danny Ainge. Oh yeah, and how could he ever forget the NBA's baddest bad boy, Ron Artest.

*   *   *

Big Shaq gets bitched by Tito Ortiz (shoulda' called Rashad for back-up).

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