Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nolan Swanepoel vs. Leon Mynhardt Promo Video for EFCA 10

There's nothing like a good old striker vs. grappler throwdown to put that perfect touch on a fight card, and that's exactly what we'll get out of this welterweight contention battle. Accomplished kickboxer Leon Mynhardt will take on Nola Swanepoel at EFC-Africa 10 on September first. The fight will set the pace for bantamweight and welterweight titles at the top of the card. The winner could eventually face the winner of the main event's welterweight title fight between current champion Adam Speechly and challenger Dallas Jakobi. If so, it's a strong possibility that a rematch between Speechly and Swanepoel could come about in the near future. Swanepoel lost to Adam Speechly at EFCA 8 in April.

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