Friday, August 12, 2011

Kickboxing Rumor Mill: It's Showtime back to Holland, K-1 to China???

It's Showtime founder and CEO Simon Rutz hasn't let go of his grudge with K-1. Naturally, Rutz did what any intelligent-minded human being of the digital era would do -- he voiced his frustrations on Facebook:

Earlier this year, K-1 backed out of a huge co-promotion deal with It's Showtime. And we all know about the ridiculous amounts of money that K-1 owes a number of fighters, several of which are manged by Simon Rutz. So, the plot thickens in the world of kickboxing, and Simon Rutz is planning an all out war!

It's Showtime is already getting their footing in Japan, having already co-promoted with REBELS last month, and planning future events there as well.

Right now, I doubt K-1 could give two orangatang shits about It's Showtime. K-1 was recently purchased by a successful real estate company, and is focused on reestablishing their prominence in the kickboxing world. Additionally, rumors are swirling that a K-1 event is in the works for China.

BloodyElbow put some of the latest ponderings into perspective:
Over on the Heavyweight side, there is nothing official, but we are hearing strong rumors that a 2011 World Grand Prix will take place in October in China. Tyrone Spong mentioned the possibility in an interview with Ariel Helwani (though also stated that he would not take part unless he was paid what he was owed), It's Showtime head Simon Rutz stated that he thought Badr Hari's next fight would be for K-1 in October, and Daniel Ghita said on Facebook that he has been invited to participate in this event. For now, a 2011 K-1 Grand Prix remains a rumor, but as it picks up momentum it seems more likely to happen.

Badr Hari fighting in China is like sending humans to Mars. Okay, I'm exaggerating, but there's more from the BE:
One question that needs to be addressed for this event regards the new K-1 ownership. Details on the purchase remain very fuzzy, with a lot of spectulation regarding the true owners of the new K-1. As for K-1 MAX, it was originally reported that they were not part of the purchase, though some sources have since indicated that they were indeed involved. Hopefully we'll get some details soon.

While folks are still figuring out who owns which K-1 trademarks, bootleggers are hittin' the blocks, selling anything they can with K-1 logos. But on a more serious note, it looks like Dream's annual New Year's Eve "Dynamite" event will no longer be called "Dynamite", since it was a part of the K-1 purchase. And there's more, Fedor Emelianenko is considering a December 31 outing. Take it away BE:

In one final piece of related news, Dream, the (former?) partner organization of K-1 has announced over Twitter that they will hold their traditional Japan New Year's Eve show this year, although it may not be called Dynamite!! as that name was part of the K-1 purchase. With Fedor Emelianenko also considering a December 31 fight in Japan, could we see a Dream/M-1 co-promotion?

It looks like both K-1 and It's Showtime have agendas for the Fall season. Will Simon Rutz get his (fighter's) money back? Will K-1 make it to China?

Stay tuned!

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