Thursday, August 4, 2011

Golden Glory coach Martin de Jong Ain't Happy: "This is the future of MMA?"

Golden Glory fighters Marloes Coenen, Jon Olav Einemo, and Valentijn Overeem were pink slipped by Zuffa yesterday. Their release drew unhappy words from Golden Glory head coach Martin de Jong:
"This is a big blow to us. I think it's unfair to the men [fighters]. They train hard and give a good fight.

Is this the situation with Alistair? That you tell me. I have no idea, but it does not look very good. Of course, this is very bad for us. I am very disappointed that I have to say?"

Of course, they could be dismissed because of what they lost, but you'll dismiss Alistair Overeem, who very much wanted to participate in the Grand Prix, but was seriously injured? Einem had just received a bonus for the best fight of the year in the UFC. Coenen was the two-time Strikeforce champion. Before Miesha won it, the rates were at least equal, and perhaps in favor of Marloes.

For me, the current situation simply does not make sense. I look and think: 'This is the future of MMA?'"
MMA journalist Loretta Hunt speculated on Twitter that Zuffa released the Golden Glory fighters because the Dutch gym and fight promotion (United Glory) plans to promote in the United States.

Now, such "aggressive" behavior would be typical of Zuffa, and if it's true, then Zuffa just released three more fighters (along with Alistair Overeem's release last week) who are now able to compete in a possible Golden Glory-US event.

Looks like Zuffa just kicked itself in the ass.

[Quotes by Martin de Jong translated using Google Translator - Source]

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