Monday, August 8, 2011

'Flying Squirrel' not the first of Ellis Coleman's Spectacular Takedowns, Watch this!!!

Young Greco Roman and freestyle wrestling standout Ellis Coleman became an overnight star nearly two weeks ago when his trademark 'flying squirrel' takedown went viral.

Flowrestling is no stranger to Coleman's abilities. Last year the amateur wrestling website posted a highlight reel of Coleman's match against Spenser Mango at the 2010 Beat the Streets Gala in New York. The video replays some hip tosses and suplexes exchanged between the two wrestlers, all of which are outstanding displays of athletic ability.

But there's one interesting technique that stands out. Coleman performs a very similar technique to the flying squirrel, only it's a little different. When Coleman executed the Flying Squirrel at the Junior World Greco Roman Wrestling Championships, it was kind of like a jump or dive into a waist lock, transitioned into a carthweel, and followed up with a reverse body lift. However, in his 2010 match, Ellis was able to just dive into the takedown. It's too freakish to even explain. Just watch.


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