Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dream, Golden Glory, Bellator, BAMMA to form "Alliance"???

This is like the Allied Powers of MMA; an anti-Zuffa Force...

We are in the midst of WWIII. Fascist Zuffa is leading a massive offensive on the corporate front of mixed martial arts. On the other side of Zuffa territory an alliance is forming, preparing a counter-offensive.

Mixed martial arts promotions Dream (Japan), Bellator (United States), Golden Glory (Holland), and the British Association of Mixed Martial Arts, or BAMMA (UK), are combining forces to defend against future Zuffa attacks.

* * *
"I've been told that Golden Glory is currently in talks with Bellator in order to form some partnership. That would make Golden Glory, DREAM and BAMMA all partners with Bellator."     -Middle Easy
* * *

You've probably read about it on the Sherdog forum, the UG, or some other digital space for MMA geeks. So far, it's only been labeled as a rumor, but with all that's occurred over the last couple of months, it's very much believable. Plus, Middle Easy included it in their "Sunday Morning Rumor Mill," so it must be true that the above mentioned promotions are forming an alliance.

The specifics of any partnership or "alliance" among these parties has yet to be revealed, as the rumor itself as not been confirmed. But the very thought of these big promotions taking up arms is enough to make me salivate.

Just think of the matches that can come out of this: Paul Daley vs. Nate Marquardt or Ben Askren, Askren vs. Marquardt, Hector Lombard vs. Tom Watson, Alistair Overeem vs. Anyone!

This arrangement could be very big, if it ever does actually happen, but fans must understand that it will only be a partnership, an alliance. The scheme will operate similar to the way that the World Wide Cage Network handled business a few years back.

I highly doubt we'll see any of the involved parties sign any contracts. It will simply be an understanding among organizations -- a support system. They'll have an agreement to avoid aggressive competition, and to mutually respect geographical territories (based on where the organization is located). They will also leave the door open for co-promoting, and fighter sharing will definitely be a part of the arrangement.

This is how I see the situation being played out, but I have not yet confirm any of this with my Tarot Card reader. Until any of the rumored "alliance" stuff is confirmed and clarified, the rest is left to our imaginations...

Dream and Bellator are already building a partnership. Read about it here.

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