Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dave O'Donnell Exhibits Signs of Severe Psychosis while Promoting UCMMA 23

Controversy sells. It's true. Just ask O.J. Simpson, Martha Stewart, Pee Wee Herman, and so on. A little drama, maybe a mugshot or two, and your ratings are through the roof.

Such is the case with Cage Rage UK, which recently hosted a highly publicized match between two very interesting characters in Alex Reid and Jason Barrett. The bout created quite a stir in the UK, and Cage Rage promoter Dave O’Donnell is riding the buzz while it's still hot.

Here O'Donnell attempts to shed light on the fixed fight controversy that came out of UCMMA 22's Reid vs. Barett bout. He then goes on to promote their next event, UCMMA 23 which is set for September 17.

Dave O'Donnell is a prime candidate for experimental ADHD medications, but on second thought, I think a straight jacket might be more suitable.

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