Monday, August 1, 2011

Dana White's UFC 133 Vlog, Day 1: Surfing, Skating, and Mosh Pit Action

Dana's pre-event vlogging tradition continues with UFC 133, Day 1.

Watching Dana White and his kids enjoy their summer vacation reminds me of my underprivileged childhood. Dana's kids go surfing; I farted in the bathtub to make waves. Dana's kids go skateboading with Tony Hawk; I rolled down the street in stolen shopping carts.

And let's not even talk family vacations. Have you ever traveled 18 hours in a chugging, old Winnebago in between two 400+ pound twin uncles? Yeah, the smell of digested hog head cheese in gaseous form still gives me nightmares.

And as if lavishing his kids like Ricky Stratton on Silver Spoons isn't enough, the UFC boss takes to the mosh pit and gets dumb-crazy at Saturday's Rage Against the Machine (L.A. Rising) concert in L.A.
Watch Dana get his slam dance on...

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