Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Chinese Fighter Racks up over 3 Million Views with Spectacular Cartwheel Pass while defeating "Japanese Champion"

Chinese featherweight Jian Ping Yang put on a highlight reel-worthy clinic against a "Japanese champion". His display of skill and athleticism has racked up over 3 million views on Chinese video-sharing website, YouKu.

But the excitement hasn't come without controversy. There isn't much to validate who the "Japanese champion" is, and there's a lot of skepticism over whether or not he is really Japanese, or if he is even a "champion". A few message board posters have noted other instances where "Japanese" fighters were beaten by fighters who apparently were not Japanese.

ChinaSmack.com reports:
Chinese Victory Over “Japanese MMA Champion” Questioned
by terroir on Monday, August 1, 2011

Chinese mixed-martial arts competitor Yang Jianping took part in a match purportedly against “Japanese martial arts champion” Sakano Nozomi with fantastic results. Besides completely dominating the fight and eventually winning in an arm-bar submission at 2:37 in the first round (5 minutes per round), Yang also completed a rarely if ever seen before aerial pass on a downed opponent in a spectacular feat of agility (seen at 0:57 of the first video).

The news report has received over 3 million views on Youku with a thousand comments; despite the evenly matched debate from Chinese commenters regarding the veracity of the fight, the rating for the video is heavily in favor of the upvotes, numbered 15 thousand to 3 hundred.

The news report [that] has received over 3 million hits.

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Have a look for yourself. Cartwheel pass off opponent's foot, and a nasty kick to the head during the stand-up attempt. Classic.

YouTube vid and gif after the break.

Or if you prefer the YouTube version:

This gif shows Yang's clean spin off of opponent's foot in mid cartwheel:
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