Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Big Week for Takedown Entertainment, Inks Fight Night Entertainment, X-1, and Total Combat

MMA 'everything' company Takedown Entertainment inked distribution deals with Hawaii's X-1 promotion, the controversial Fight Night Entertainment of Washington state, and rockstar-inspired Total Combat.

The writing is on the wall, and if the nose of this hardcore MMA fan never fails -- I think it's safe to say that Takedown Entertainment is positioning itself for something big. But I'll leave the rest to the business nerds at Marketwire...

MMAWarlike has been trashing Fight Night Entertainment. Apparently, they're into some real shady business practices, but maybe that will change now that Takedown is in the picture:
Fight Night Entertainment (FNE) was established in 2008 in Washington State as both an amateur and professional MMA promotion by Riad Youssef. The organization started as a way to showcase fighters from the gym, West Coast Fight Club, which was growing in membership and fight contenders. To date, FNE has produced 16 events featuring former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) athletes Mario Miranda, Kit Cope and Strikeforce contender Ryan Couture, son of UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture. FNE is solidifying itself as fundamental component of the growth of mixed martial arts in the Pacific Northwest.

ProElite isn't the only thing hot in Hawaii and Takedown knows this. They also inked X-1:
"X-1 is a show that's outlasted the others and I'm proud of that fact," said X-1 World Events owner Mike Miller. "We've been able to present some of the best athletes in MMA and create a fan interest that keeps people coming back for every show. Our goal now is to explode into the mainstream through partnering with Takedown. Takedown's plan and expertise will take our small island show and make it reach people who have never heard of us. Takedown will lift us to heights we didn't think possible and help us showcase our fighters like never before."

I see Takedown continuing the rockstar appeal of Total Combat:
Total Combat Co-Owner Eric Del Fierro said, "I'm a fan first and foremost of MMA, so as matchmaker for Total Combat I want to see the best fights possible. That's why we've been so successful in the span of thirty-five fights. When a fan comes, we make sure they see the best fighters inside
the cage. The goal now is to gain new fans and Takedown is going to make sure it happens. Takedown has a vision similar to ours and this partnership will put Total Combat on an international platform to deliver amazing fights."

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  1. FNE Has been trash talked by MMA Warlike only for the sole purpose of one of MMA Warlike's editorial writers. Since FNE would not utilize their attorney on freeing and allowing MMA Warlike writer to get out of jail free on a DUI and Woman Beater assault charge - He has made it a point to trash talk FNE and it's promotion. No other fighter, coach, athlete, or UFC guest appearance has ever had a problem with FNE. Growth brings hate - simply said.