Friday, July 8, 2011

The Ultimate Fighter 14: "Team Bisping vs. Team Miller" Promo Trailer

Fifteen seconds of idiocracy.

Jason 'Mayhem' Miller makes his UFC return as a coach in the fourteenth season of The Ultimate Fighter. Opposite Miller will be none other than the British bad boy Michael Bisping. For the first time, the bantamweights and featherweights will be showcased on the UFC's flagship reality series.

The cast has yet to be announced as filming is still underway in Las Vegas. Both bantamweight and featherweight competitions will have 16-man brackets. The opening "elimination round" will remain in place, however no wild cards will be issued.

*   *   *

Coaching Staffs

Team Mayhem
Jason Miller
Ryan Parsons
Danny Perez
Kamarudeen Usman
Melchor Menor

Team Bisping
Michael Bisping
Kingsley Carter
Enzo Esposito
Eddy Atkinson
Mike Ince

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