Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Size Matters: Pat Barry vs. Stefan Struve at UFC on Versus 6

Does size really matter? That might be a question for one of these guys' girlfriends. Wait! What are we talking about here?!?!

Pat Barry and Stefan Struve are set to tap gloves at UFC on Versus 6 on October 1. The bout pits two fighters from distant ends of the measuring tape. Known striker, Pat Barry stands at an average height of 5 ft, 11 in. with a 74.5 in reach. In the opposite corner, impressive young Dutch fighter Stefan Struve tops off at 6 ft, 11 in. and a ridiculous 83 in. wingspan to go along with.

With exactly one foot of space in between them, height and reach will definitely play a major role in how this bout plays out.

...And right now two UFC heavyweights' girlfriends are looking at a strip of measuring tape with glum faces.

Yes, size does matter.

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