Thursday, July 28, 2011

Real Estate/Investment Firm Barbizon Buys K-1

K-1 sold. Trademarks transferred.

Fighting Entertainment Group Incorparated is reported to have sold it's K-1 kickboxing promotion to a real estate and investment firm. K-1's new owner, Barbizon Co, Ltd., is a Japanese firm that was established in 1967 and is valued at 484,000,000 yen (just over 6.2 million USD) according to the "company profile" on their site.

Road to Catastrophe reports that the following K-1 trademarks have been transferred to Barbizon:
  • K-1
  • K-1 World GP
  • K-1 Exercise
  • K-1 International Association
  • K-1 Grand Prix
  • K-1 Fighting Network
  • Dynamite!
  • K-1 Premium Dynamite!
  • K-1 World Association
  • Federation Internationale de K-1 Association

Dream, FEG's MMA promotion, remains under FEG.

K-1 is the standard of all kickboxing promotions, and is by far the biggest in the world. Problems have plagued K-1 over the past year. Unpaid fighter purses have drawn intense criticism by fighters and fans. Moreover, a struggling fight scene in Japan, economic setbacks, and a devastating 9.0 earthquake (and recurring after shocks) have all been contributing factors to K-1's hard times.

The past month has seen rumors of Dutch investors entertaining K-1. This is still a possibility, however no confirmations have been found by

More is sure to come out of this and FightJerk is all in it. Check back for updates.

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