Saturday, July 2, 2011

Rampage Jackson: "I'm tired of people calling me Mr. T"

"I pity the fool who calls me 'Mr. T!'" -made-up quote by VinRoKK.

People keep calling Quinton "Rampage" Jackson "Mr. T," and it's pissing the snot out of him. I can relate to Rampage on so many levels. People call me Denzel all the time, but after years of being confused with an award winning actor, I've accepted it as a second name. Instead of getting my boxers in a bind over being called the name of an actor who isn't nearly as good looking as I am, I just brush my shoulders off, 'woosah,' and keep it moving. Rampage should do the same -- instead of getting flustered over being confused with a guy who uses the word "fool" more frequently than Nate Marquardt overdoses on TRT, he should pause, take a breath, and m-m-m-m-motorboat.

Note: The last time I used the word "fool" was in 1990 when some lame spilled chocolate milk on my Reebok  Pumps. Yeah, and he deserved the wedgie that followed! Point being, unless you're some OG-thug-gangster that's stuck in a 1990's time warp, the word "fool" is almost entirely absent from common use. Rampage says "fool" at exactly the 0:15 mark, but he doesn't want to be called "Mr. T," right?

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