Tuesday, July 5, 2011

ProElite Updates: August Card Coming Together, Will ProElite and KOTC Co-Promote Again?

I emailed KOTC owner Terry Trebilcock in the weeks leading up to their inaugural event at the Winstar Casino in Oklahoma. Our communication took place just after the time that Stratus Media Group finalized their purchase of Pro Elite. So, just out of curiosity, I asked Mr. Trebilcock if there was any chance we could see King of the Cage work with Pro Elite again. His reply:
"KOTC has always been impressed with Doug Deluca, TJ Thompson, and the guys @ Pro Elite. If Doug + TJ find proper funding and a TV deal, that could be a force in the MMA world again. We would not rule out doing Business with that group in the Future."
Well, I don't think the funding or t.v. deal will be an issue now that Stratus Media group is in the picture.

You may recall that ProElite purchased King of the Cage from Terry Trebilcock in 2007. Trebilcock bought the promotion back from Pro Elite in 2009.

Co-promotion was a major part of ProElite's business model. If anything, we can expect their new model to be built on slow growth, much like pre-Zuffa Strikeforce. And who else but former Strikeforce matchmaker Rich Chou to replicate Strikeforce's success. Chou, along with T.J. Thompson, the long-time promoter of Hawaiian-based Superbraw/Icon Sport will co-pilot the refurbished ProElite ship. [For further reading]

On a global note, there has not been much talk about ProElite's foreign assets, Korean promotion Spirit MC, and the UK-based Cage Rage. It should be very interesting how ProElite's international plan will be played out, if at all.

More Pro Elite goodies as they come.

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ProElite is not playin' around. Their August card is a work in progress, but things seem to be falling into place so far. They already have several familiar names lined up for the August 27 event. Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Andre Arlovski is awaiting an opponent for a headliner bout. Meanwhile, Hawaiian local, Ultimate Fighter 3 middleweight winner Kendall Grove is another possible slot on the card.

Kanoa Leahey with Fox-KHON 2 has it covered:

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