Friday, July 8, 2011

Okay, Maybe Ishii Isn't Starting a New K-1

Following the lead of various sources, I posted yesterday that K-1 founder Kazuyoshi Ishii could be forming a new, separate K-1 organization, and this still could be a possibility. However, thanks to Twitter, I've come to new, more refined conclusions. Following MMA Fighting journalist and photographer Daniel Herbertson, who is stationed in Japan, has further enlightened my understanding of the situation.

The latest K-1 drama has been a twisting, turning sequence of events which I care not to entail. But to make a long story short, K-1 has acquired new investors which, by the way, they have yet to reveal the names. This basically means that K-1 is under new management and as such there are hints that big changes are in sight. Dan Herbertson stated that Ishii and the "new owners" could be working hand-in-hand.

Quoting Herbertson via Twitter:
"If you are wondering whether on not Ishii and these apparent new owners means good things for K-1: The answers is a resounding yes.

"There should be some other major K-1 news coming out soon regarding these 'new owners'. I assume the new guys will be running with Ishii."

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