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NY Combat Alternatives: Andre Galvao Tops the Competition at the "Ultimate Absolute" No-Gi Grappling Tournament [Results]

Two years and over $40 million into a hard fought campaign for mixed martial arts legalization and MMA is still a no-go in New York. But there are other combat alternatives in the Empire State.

Being an Eastcoast guy, (I'm Jersey bred but I have much love for our neighbors to the immediate north) the issue of mixed martial arts regulation in New York hits close to home, and as such I have decided to run a series geared specifically toward combat sports in New York. The Empire State has a rich tradition of combat sports and martial arts -- enough to suffice the hunger of fight addicts there until the New York Legislature finally decides to get their priorities in order (Gay marriage, really???).

So, my first installment in the "NY Combat Alternatives" series will cover the "Ultimate Absolute" No-Gi Grappling Tournament which took place yesterday at the Hotel Pennsylvania in Manhattan. Sixteen elite grapplers took to the mats in what was smaller, but probably one of the closest stateside competitions to the ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship.

Andre Galvao, a multi-time world champion BJJ practitioner and submission wrestler, topped the
competition which included other big names like Vinny Magalhaes, Daniel Gracie, and Rustam Chsiey.

Results after the break...


Quick results via our homey TheFightNerd:

Ultimate Absolute No-Gi Grappling Tournament
Hotel Pennsylvania,
Gold Ballroom
New York
July 30, 2011

Opening Rounds:

1. Warren Start VS David Ramos
Ramos wins via toehold

2. Rustam Chsiey VS Alexander Ceconi
Rustam wins by headlock

3. Gerri Rinaldi VS JJ Holmes
Rinaldi wins by guillotine

4. Shaheim Gafri VS Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu
Cyborg wins on points after 10 minutes, 36-0

5. Antonio Neto VS Plinio Cruz
Neto wins by triangle choke

6. Nolan Dutcher VS Andre Galvao
Galvao wins by armbar

7. Marcos “Buchecha” Almeida VS Vinny Magalhaes
Magalhaes wins by toehold

8. Abmar Barbosa VS Daniel Gracie
Gracie wins by armbar (sounds familiar)

Quarter Finals:

9. David Ramos VS Rustam Chsiey
Chsiey wins by points after 10 minutes

10. Gerri Rinaldi VS Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu
Abreu wins by points after 10 minutes

11. Antonio Neto VS Andre Galvao
Galvao wins by points after a five-minute overtime after the first 10 minute period ended in a draw

12. Vinny Magalhaes VS Daniel Gracie
Magalhaes wins by cradle submission


13. Rustam Chsiey VS Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu
Chisey wins by points after 10 minutes (Abreu was given a brief recovery time after an illegal slam during the match)

14. Andre Galvao VS Vinny Magalhaes
Galvao wins by points after 10 minutes


15. Rustam Chsiey VS Andre Galvao
Andre Galvao wins after two separate overtime rounds (the first being five minutes, and the last one being a ten-minute “Sudden Death” round with the first point scored being the winning point), since the first 10 minutes went to a draw. The judges gave Galvao the fight due to “aggressiveness” in the overtime period. Magalhaes takes third place by default since Abreu was injured and unable to compete in a final match.

Galvao earned the grand prize of $10,000, with Rustam earning $3,000 in second place and Vinny earning $1,500 (excluding money made off of submissions). All of the competitors who submitted an opponent were given $1,000 as well.

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