Monday, July 4, 2011

MMA on Screen: "The Promise" is Touching and Inspiring

Food for the soul - "Aspiring UFC fighter Rad Martinez makes the ultimate sacrifice."

Fighter Radley Martinez is the center of The Promise. Rad's job is to "inflict pain" in the cage, but his other job is even more inspiring -- taking care of his father Richard, a brain injury victim. Rad juggles his time between tending to his father and training for his ultimate goal -- making it to the UFC.

Martinez, a 9-2 lightweight, trains out of Victory MMA in Utah, a gym that has trained heavy names like Dean Lister and Court McGee.

The Promise was featured yesterday on ESPN's Sport Center and Outside the Lines.

Film Credits:
Produced by Danny Arruda for ESPN
Filmed and edited by Evolve Digital Cinema.

* * *

Some additional background on Rad and his father...

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