Sunday, July 3, 2011

Melvin Guillard Has His Eyes on a Title Shot and Karyn Bryant's Motorboaters

I can't blame the guy, she's hot! And it's funny enough to post... Anyway, the "Karyn Bryant for guest Octagon girl" campaign is officially underway!

Guys, we've all done this before. The quick act like you're watching a car go by, but your eyes were aiming at the posterior of some anonymous female bystander. Okay, maybe I'm by myself, but I, like a naive Melvin Guillard, once tried the whole dark shades deal -- trying to hide my wondering eyes behind some dark fake Guccis. Yup, it worked until one day, while chillin' at the beach with an old girlfriend, some Playboy model look-alike walked by. My eyes, were hidden beneath the shades, but my head moved in unison with the tan figure that walked by. When my attention returned to my partner, I was met with a Chris Leben uppercut to the jaw.

Melvin Guillard could take a lesson from my experience. His eyes were obviously in the same place that Quinton "Rampage" Jackson's motorboating lips were headed just a little over a month ago. Just watch this post-UFC 132 video. Guillard begins the video all hugged up with Mrs. Bryant (Mrs. meaning she's married). You'll notice Guillard perform the nose swipe, the look and look away, and other obvious attempts to avoid being seen glancing at Karyn's healthy bosom. Then, he ends the video with with on a complementary note: "You're looking hot in that dress." Guess the guy just couldn't help himself. He almost gives away his wondering eyes when he adds, "I wanted to tell you earlier, but I was in the zone." Yup, the zone between his eyes and here brazier. Guillard probably thought the interview was over, but he'll soon discover otherwise when he opens the door back home in New Orleans.

After the vid, check the gif that shows Melvin Guillard's head angling downward toward Bryant's well, you know.


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