Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kenny Powers Names Urijah Faber and Jon Jones to K-Swiss' Executive Board of "Baddest Athletes"

The last time I slapped a rear naked choke on a co-worker, two burly security guards stuffed a pink slip in my mouth and power-bombed me in a cafeteria trash can. But, If I'd known all I had to do was choke out office nerds to get a gig with a popular sports apparel brand, I would've sent out my "Office Submissions" highlight reel a long time ago. I guess Jon Jones beat me to the punch [video, 1:31 mark]. But that's okay, there's a Next Day Mail package on its way to K-Swiss headquarters with video of me practicing high knee drills on the boss who "accidentally" tongue kissed my ex-girlfriend. If you're reading, I still love you Cary. Call me!

Anyway, Kenny Powers has declared himself CEO of K-Swiss and he's chosen a rough-and-tumble crew of athletes as his executive board.  The newly installed K-Swiss executive board members are as follows:
  • Vice President, Marketing- Matt Cassel, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback.
  • Director of Human Resources- Jon Jones, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion.
  • Director of Community Outreach- Jillian Michaels, Personal Trainer, and popular fitness media figure.
  • Sergeant at Arms/Athlete of the Future- Patrick Willis, 49ers All-Pro Linebacker.
  • Board Member- Urijah Faber, former WEC Featherweight Champion, current top UFC Bantamweight Title Contender.
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More corny 'Kenny Powers' K-Swiss vids at YouTube/KSwissInc.

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