Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jerome Le Banner Done With K-1

K-1 staple Jerome Le Banner has publicly announced his departure from K-1. Le Banner, a two-time K-1 World Grand Prix finalist, expressed extreme disgust with K-1. He specifically noted K-1 neglecting to pay their fighters as a deciding factor for the move. quoted Le Banner with harsh words for K-1:
"I'm not a K-1 fighter. No more K-1! They do not pay the premium due to me fighting!

"I am very grateful to Master Kazuyoshi Ishii (founder of K-1 which was the first to come to Le Banner K-1). But then there is a kind of clown that appears. Messiers Yes you laugh and journalists you surely understand that I spoke to Mr. Tanikawa. This person is just a puppet. I still have not been paid for my fight on 31 December and as president I will Tanikawa not fight more in K-1."
He also indicated plans to return to pro wrestling under Antonio Inoki's Inoki Genome Federation:
"Mr. Antonio Inoki (former glory and Japanese wrestling promoter IGF) is a veteran and I can trust him."
Le Banner is currently scheduled to compete in the IGF's August 27 event in Tokyo. An opponent has yet to be announced but Le Banner told IKUSA that he would like to face Josh Barnett and then move on to the UFC.

Folks, we're witnessing yet another sharp turn in the winding course that is today's K-1. If Le Banner's show of protest sparks an exodus of other mainstay K-1 fighters, K-1's dream of a "new K-1" could come tumbling down.


Quotes from Jerome Le Banner were translated using Google Chrome. [Source]

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