Thursday, July 7, 2011

Is Kazuyoshi Ishii Forming a New K-1 Organization?

Classic: Mirko 'Cro Cop' Mirko Filipović, Kazuyoshi Ishii, and
Jerome Le Banner.
Kazuyoshi Ishii has a new project underway. Although the founder of K-1 has taken a backseat in managing K-1, his promotional endeavors have not ceased. Signs are showing that Ishii might be branching out to form a separate K-1 faction. A report from Japanese news site Zakzak, explained the formation of a "New K-1 World Congress." And if I'm translating the article correctly, this would set the stage for a new, broadened international K-1 competiton. referenced a 2009 article by NightmareofBattle that noted Ishii's desire to build an amateur K-1 company to be called "FIKA." The organization would stage a 32-country world cup for K-1. This is a concept that has been talked about for a while now on the K-1 scene. Kazuyoshi Ishii will reveal more information next month. will continue to monitor Kazuyoshi Ishii and the "new K-1" project.

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